Weakness: the opportunity for EXCELLENCE

“Do you feel lost?”

Nobody can argue that everyone is born naked.

We find ourselves in a world in which we are called not only to exist but struggle for survival, discover and develop our identity and choose or even fulfill our destiny. Certain people are handed down all these with little effort while others are called to fight for them.

It is only those who fight that truly find themselves.

“I am weak”

Accepting our weaknesses is the first step to our empowerment.

As I said, everyone is born naked. So practically everyone begins his or her journey more or less weak.. and then life happens.

At some point we stop having our clothes handed down to us or dictated by our surroundings and we can start to choose them, either via browsing and shopping or even sewing them ourselves.

So many styles..

Flamboyant, Dull, Bright, Dark, Loud, Unnoticeable, Funny, Serious, Formal, Informal, Mainstream, Alternative, Masculine, Feminine, Sexy, Unisex, Provocative, Puritan, Uptight, Laid Back, Disciplined, Anarchic, Religious, Agnostic, Spiritual, Pagan, Ordered, Chaotic.

Did bio-mechanical armor cross your mind?


“I can’t do it.. like that”

Here’s the thing; a weakness, especially a permanent or long term one, may not allow you to do things like your average Joe can. It’s true and it plainly.. sucks. Period.

This gap between us and the flow can in fact lead us to a feeling of non-belonging; a minority; an inferiority; an outcast; a reject.

That can be a curse.. but not if we can turn it into a blessing.

Yes you can.. differently..

And now for the core message of this article.

Your weakness will force you to question the, dare I say unfair, establishment, and search alternative paths and methods of overcoming your weakness which may in fact eventually lead to a journey of self discovery, self evolution, self-growth, self-achievement and ultimately excellence.


It doesn’t end there though.

Then like a river, all that experience, knowledge and wisdom that have been accumulated shall be poured onto those who are going through similar weaknesses and situations, even benefit those who don’t in the process, and in turn help all excel in their own way as you did.

That will be the pinnacle of your excellence.

Meet your New Family

Let’s face it; we can’t truly know another person’s situation unless we’ve experienced it ourselves somehow. People going through similar situations instantly have common ground to understand each other.

If our weaknesses are treated in a beneficial way towards our excellence and the help of others we are in fact investing in a foundation of mutual and boundless understanding, betterment, growth and ultimately universal love – a new, bigger, truer and stronger family.

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