Bring back my.. Point & Click Adventure Games

Do you remember the time..?

Do you remember the time when we were so thrilled when a new point & click adventure game was out like “Zak McKracken” or “Monkey Island”.. “[TM]” (lol)?

“I do.”

Games in General

Games in general is such a broad and thrilling subject to analyze. Many things we could say for a specific genre of games could also be elevated and generalized. So today we shall be focusing on a specific missed genre of computer games without of-course ignoring or diminishing the value of all the rest!


Before we start, I would like to make clear why bothering talking about this subject at all. Well, just for starters..

It’s fun!

No explanation needed; children get it.

Forgotten Principles

In today’s fast-paced life and technological progression it’s easy for many valuable notions and techniques of the past to be lost in the vast spectrum of information. We shall be visiting some of these later on in an effort of revitalization.

Nostalgia: the Drive

Being nostalgic means activation of emotions and emotions are good when being organic, imaginative and creative; it can be a powerful drive.

Adventures Games: Imagination Projection

One of the most fascinating part of adventure games is that they can bring to life someone’s imagination in an interactive manner.

Imaginary Worlds. Imaginary Characters. Imaginary Elements. Imaginary Notions. Imaginary Scenarios. Imaginary Stories.

You can be part of all these by utilizing an interactive context provided by the creator, called a point & click adventure game.

This can also work the other way around, even in a more fascinating way, by you being the creator for someone else’s.. XP-rience!

Adventures Games: Information Channels

Digging deeper into an adventure game, it’s not just an arbitrary creation for fun.. unless you want it to be. There are people, minds and personalities behind them who get together and channel in them, or through them, their thoughts, whether those are their beliefs, their fears or their dreams.

At a higher level, adventure games are in a sense channels of information. That projection of their creators’ imagination is in fact fed through this simulated audiovisual interactive experience. It does not end at imagination. In fact, it starts from there. It progresses to education, such as history, politics, ways of thinking.. or propaganda, training, entertainment, humor and at a larger scale bringing people together under the same experience and subject to discuss and connect through, therefore community.

Adventures Games: Community

It’s unbelievably real how people connect.. or disconnect.. through games. They can become so passionate about so many aspects of a game, from the characters to the plot to the audiovisual experience. This experience becomes an instant background and fuel for acquaintance, communication and even partnering for new endeavours.

Business-wise, community indicates that there’s a lot of fertile ground, demand and horizons for expansion in the section of Adventure Gaming. The technological advancement in computer graphics have left this Point & Click genre neglected as more companies are focusing in the more modern experience of 1st person or 3rd person character control. In a sense this may rely more on technical skills rather than abstract thinking or tries to combine them – but I tend to believe that some things are also best enjoyed in a separated and distinct manner.

The aspect of community, and internet, is a.. game-changer.. pun intended.. since it gives a new dimension to adventure gaming and I am not referring to sharing a served experience but enabling and bringing people together in partaking in the creation of the experience itself.

Adventures Games: The Missing Ingredients

(you are welcome)

As I have already mentioned, many good old point & click adventure game ingredients have been lost in mass production process. Let’s mention a few:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Plot and Character Building
  • Think-Outside-The-Box Puzzles
  • Unreal but Possible to Deduce Combinations (yes, let’s get stuck)
  • Humor.. that Lands
  • Smart Dialogues
  • Hand Drawn vs 3D graphics abuse and uncanny valley
  • Detachment from Reality
  • Epic-ness
  • Being Memorable

Hungry for more?

Eat it!

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