Keep Less, Do More

OK, so today I’ve been struck by this urge to share my thoughts on how less can help me do more. The ignition of this urge originates from my thirst for productivity, optimization yet simplicity and minimalism.

So, what does Less mean?

  • Less means carrying only the necessary with me.

I try NOT to carry what I MAY need. This improves mobility. Lighter equipment. Less to handle.

  • Less means having less to keep track off and manage.

This actually improves management as you have less to deal with and reduces stress as you have less to worry about too.

So, how do we ACTUALLY keep less?

  • Replace many with one.

Ugh, if there is one thing I hate is duplicates. Don’t get me wrong – I love spares (and twins..) but I don’t like having stuff of one purpose scattered around in many places nor do I like having the same thing multiple times in different forms. I like to keep as few as possible of the best of something.

  • Group common.

If we can’t replace many items with one we can at least group them. Organization methodology which deals with how we group stuff in order to optimize performance is another subject which we can elaborate later.

  • Lite and simplistic alternatives.

If a task can be done with lighter and more simplistic tools then that’s the ones I’ll be choosing. If I only need a screwdriver I won’t be carrying the whole toolbox but I’ll definitely note I got one thing out of its place to return it back as soon as I’m done with it. This also wipes out the possibility of opening new pending task.. and no, I’m not referring to the screwdriver, it’s a metaphor.

  • Start first, End first.

Order. I can’t stand it when I start doing something and something else interrupts me assigning me yet another task in the middle leaving the first one pending and incomplete. So I try as much as possible to close a pending issue as soon as I start dealing with it and I log my progress to not get lost in the process.

  • Log.

First of all, I like to keep one log. It’s how you tag your log that will help you filter afterwards upon need and this goes right along with “Replace many with one” & “Group common” 🙂 Now, logging will get you out of worrying of what is pending and what is not and keep you informed about past events and info you may forget as well as provide the possibility of statistics, if done properly.

That’s all for now. Enjoy your less heavy and more simplistic, lighter life!

Love & Peace, Demetris

The Importance of Drafting

Drafting; Why should I bother?

First of all, let’s take on a definition of drafting. According to wikipedia,

Technical drawing, also known as drafting or draughting, is the act and discipline of composing drawings that visually communicate how something functions or is to be constructed.

Now, let’s take on how drafting can actually assist in the creative process.

The term “cost” refers to the consumption of resources which, beyond money, includes time, patience, energy & health.

  • Drafting means Preview

By projecting our creation and how it will operate before it is built we can focus on the idea rather on technical parts and see how it provides a solution to the targeted problem.

  • Drafting means Revision

By going through the drafted solution again and again we can apply improvements without the actual cost it would take to apply them on the final product.

  • Drafting means Freedom

By releasing ourselves from the responsibility of implementation we are free to explore and experiment without worrying about any costs of actually building, modifying and destroying.

  • Drafting means Abstraction

By abstracting away the how-to of implementation we can focus on the what-is and how-to of solution towards the problem.

  • Drafting means Mobile

By taking a pen (or a pencil) and a (cool covered inspiring) notebook we can practically go draft just about everywhere.

  • Drafting means No Technological Dependencies

By taking a pen (or a pencil) and a (cool covered inspiring) notebook we are good to go. No electricity dependencies, no device dependencies, nothing; just us and our draft. (And yes, eventually you may have to render the final result on some form of digital medium, for creating, storing or simply logging.)

I’m planning on updating this post at regular intervals until it is perfected. Until then, this post shall remain online available even though it is a draft. Do comment nevertheless because feedback is also part of this process.

Hello World, you are Mine!

Hey there fellow.. citizens of the Earth!

This is my first blog entry so I won’t be trying anything fancy.. yet..
Oh, apart from the fact that.. the World is Mine! Now, how vain did that sound, or should I say read – seriously? I am now officially a member of the internet society, and hopefully soon useful, who does give a buck and wants to place his very own little stone, or turd depending on how this will turn out, on the great mosaic of this virtual world. And lemme tell ya: It feels great, because.. well.. first of all I am doing just that – it’s a start. It’s also exciting because this is the closest thing to a Sharing Hub of Myself I’ve ever had this far.

Yes, this is how I imagine this place of becoming – a Sharing Hub of Myself.
No, my YouTube account doesn’t count because it’s strictly videos and that’s just one type of resource and not a unifying place of my identity. Let’s not mention my really sloppy 2nd channel – link definitely.. will not be provided.
And again no, neither does my Google+ account (would it be disrespectful to type it as just G+ the first time I mention it in a post?) because although I am so-y digging it, still I find its posts just like post-its. And for those lengthy ones, honey, no, it’s just a really really.. RRReally long post-it. 🙂

Shish, I have to figure out how to express myself in this space because I can hear what I say within my head but I am not sure it’s coming out pleasantly on.. paper.. I mean.. your screen.

So, right now, my thoughts are all over the place so I’ll just settle with letting you know that I am taking the simple advice of “Don’t think a lot about it. Just go ahead and Blog!”. Well, it’s happening. Yeah, I am That type of person who can’t get something out there until it looks great.. let me correct that.. perfect – at least to me.. and that measures up to being trrruly perfect.. no, no, kidding.. really.. but it Is a sad, sad, sad little story – the imperfect perfectionist. Oh, I know; that’s how I should call this site. Let me see.. Oh, wait: – it’s already taken – bummer. In any case, I can thank (God and) the internet technology and society that we can edit, review and delete so that I feel comfortable knowing I can go back and refrain somewhere things have gone terribly, horribly, no good, very bad.. wrong.

You know, thinking about it right now, this post could actually become a nice little template for blog newbies, who have absolutely no idea what to write about on their first post.. Yeah, that’s it. Just copy / paste it and replace the links. It says nothing about me, really, if you notice it; just stating that I have just arrived and I am so-y excited. This post could very well be a copy / paste from the original post template called “Introduce Yourself Unimaginatively.PostTemplate”.

Enough! Just start blogging or vlogging or whatever it is you like + gging. Spread out yourselves (wait, that didn’t come out right.. but who cares), your love, it’s fun, it’s liberating.. it’s probably going to get you in trouble.. it’s awesome! 🙂

Hello World, you are Mine!