Convert Sleep to Inspiration & Problem Solving

Time for a wonderful, relaxing nap.. or is it?

Basically, today, I would like to talk about how sleep can be utilized for more than just its common purpose.

The Body Sleeps | The Mind Travels

Seriously, if you are the type of person who has vivid dreams like me, this will hit home with you.

First off, let’s begin with the concept that during our ZzZzZ time it is possible for our brain processing to continue. I’ve experienced it myself at multiple occasions in various ways. So if you are asking for proof, well, it’s standing right.. at the other side of your laptop.

Holding Onto The Thought

So lets get to the point.

Lets say there’s some form of computing or creative challenge going on in our minds. Normally, all sorts of such thoughts, including worrying which deserves another chapter on its own, tend to keep as awake; it’s the only way we can keep processing them lucidly. At worst, they won’t let our minds relax in order to get lost in that dream world.. or momentary abyss.

Holding onto the thought is one thing.. a good one. We focus. The more we do this the more we program ourselves, from the highest to the lowest level all working as one for one goal, optimizing all efforts for that unfolding truth.

Relaxing, however, is another.. and these two seem to counteract each other..

Set Your Subconscious Free

A repeating thought can always turn into some form of second nature. In techy terms this can actually take the form of something like a background process to which we become accustomed.. like breathing. We breath to keep on living.. We think to keep on solving..

As the thought enters the layer of our subconscious it is easier for the mind to release and relax while still this thought or process is quite active. This eventually will lead to sleep while still processing this thought.. and that is when.. or should I say where.. the magic happens!

Faster (Experience)

In just a few words, searching for some form of a solution to a computing or creative challenge can be executed faster in the realm of sleep since our brain does not process things in the serial manner it normally does – the so called trail of thought.. It’s not the first time you just woke up and can’t quite place the events you just “witnessed” in order, now can you?

Eye-Opening (Experience)

What about examining or conceiving an idea via a new perspective, a new way of thinking.. or discussing it with or simply having it being dictated by otherworldly entities..

Who knows.. It could happen..

Problem solving – there you go.

Inspiration – there you go.


“OMG! I just woke up and it somehow came to me – I I I * stutters for a moment * can connect the dots.. I I I * stutters for a moment * It’s possible..”

Sounds familiar? If not, maybe it’s time for some Zs..

Hashtag: #PowerNap

A Small Step For..

So, a couple of minutes later you may find yourself thinking that you are back to square one.. Or are you? You know, even if you try 1000 different ways to achieve something there’s always you can learn from it – and that is that those 1000 ways don’t work so they are routes you won’t be taking again or you may be readjusting on your next thought.. trail.. Oh my God – see what I did just there? Way / Route / Thought Trail?..


Cutting to the chase: It may seem you are where you started but in fact you are moving forward. Your thoughts mature, not only at the conscious level but also at the subconscious one.

Hungry For More?

Of-course? Eat it!

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Bonus thought for the advanced: Sleeping with books you’d like to read around you..

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