Less is MORE

First of all, don’t get me wrong – if I could work 24/7.. I would. There’s just physical limitations.. such as death.

Today I’ll be simply throwing out the main idea of why what I am about to say actually works and then let an interesting article I’ve found do the talking.

“If only I had more time”

In a world where Time seems to be the most valuable.. “asset”, nobody can argue that “if we only had more time” has been said.. and is still being said.. one to many.. times. (See what I did just there? Times.. Oh well..)

I’ll just cut to the chase.

“It’s not Time.. It’s you.”

No, I kid.. sort of. That sounded like a breakup’s last words. Let’s have another take:

“It’s not time, it’s how we use that time.”

You are probably thinking that right now I’m about to go under a meticulous and sophisticated explanation on how you can use your time to get things done. Well, I kind of will, but not as you imagine..

“I have X time and I need to do Y things”

If you are still thinking, “I have X time and I need to do Y things” you are still inside the box. No, really. The box is everything how your life is setup and you are just trying to do as much of “Y” in “X”. Where is the improvement? The box will keep you inside itself. It won’t let you question the box. That’s how things are setup.

“Thinking outside the box”

Review what “X time” is and what “Y things” are. And when I say review, I really mean go by the rule “Less is MORE”.

“Pushing the Limits”

Imagine if you should do all those “Y things” in LESS time. Is it possible? “Impossible, I say. This man is mad.. mad I tell you!”. Goodbye.. and good kittens.

So, this is the key philosophy:

If you force yourself in a tighter frame of RESOURCES to achieve the same thing it will force you to view things differently and explore new ways of doing something faster and even better because usually it will be SIMPLER. Yes, it will take sacrifices, even changing contexts (such as a non-progressive or unsupportive workplace or community) and of-course some more.. time.. but that is your LEGACY. This is what I loved in the good old development days when RAM size and CPU power was limited; it really pushed us developers to utilize what we had in awesome ways. Sorry, I’m drifting.. Maybe I should.. Bye..

“Invest your time Wisely”

After talking about all the above, I really need not explain why it matters how you invest your time; and by how I mean WISELY. Invest time to make more time.

Isn’t after all, even afterlife.. thinking outside this box and an investment?

That article you mentioned at the beginning..

Not convinced? Others are on to this path.

Quoting last paragraph:

Someday, when we’re a bigger company, we’ll be able to start people at $80,000 to $100,000–and still let them walk out the door at 1 p.m. When that day comes, we’ll be snatching all the best talent from every company in town. That’s what I’m betting, anyway–after all, this experiment is only a year old, and it doesn’t stop here.



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