Don’t Give Up on You

Disappointment is inevitable. Giving up crosses our minds.

My job is always finding silver bullet solutions to problems; and this is just another one. We’ve all seen many motivational content that relies on change of perspective – and it is true – part of it. I’ll probably be referencing some of that content below.

However, at dark times, we become less lucid and practically drowned in despair. All of that motivational content feels that it does not apply on us. And that may probably be true because they ask for self-reflection, self-help and self-empowerment – and we are probably already drained out for that. Add some futility mentality and you have a formula for disaster.

On with the quest for the formula to counteract that:

There’s more of you – and I don’t mean just inside but also outside – scattered, waiting to be discovered, called, united, harvested. In this greater sense, it’s not a personal effort – it’s a communal one and beyond the realm. Holding on is honoring both this universal effort and self. In practice, this provides instant relief and meaning in everything you are, everything you do and everything you believe in.


A more deeper view on this coming soon.

Currently busy with the physicality of things developing “the Operator Foundation”.

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