Immerse in our Creation – a Recovery

Plenty of us create on a daily basis. On some days we are happy and passionate with what we are doing and on others we lose interest, the whole process begins to feel like an obligation or a chore and at its worst we become sloppy in our creativity and creation methods, not to mention hopeless.

So, how do we recover? How do we get back on track?.. baby?

I’m gonna place on top of all points my today’s thought which ignited this post.

  • Immerse in our Creation

Ooh, sounds deep and intellectual.. and I’m trying to sound like that actually, so yeah – there you go. OK, what do I really mean by this?

Basically, during the process of doing creative work we might lose our focus to the technical aspect of it instead of its essence. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as we do have to get technical to a certain extend, depending on what we are creating, but we might be endangering the outcome. We could become unmotivated in the process. We could also simply get off the course and end up with a “it-seemed-so-different-and-better-in-my-head”.

So to keep focused and effective we can remove all distractions orbiting around the purpose and realign with the essence via immersion in our creation. We can reflect, meditate and finally immerse in our creation to actually live what we are creating so that we can act in the most effective manner. It may require to acquire additional knowledge to accomplish this or get in touch with a different side of ourselves, for example emotionally.

For now, I am leaving this up to here as food for thought and as reminder to myself on how useful this piece of information can become in those times where our initial love for something creative is tiringly fading away; and we know it shouldn’t.

Keep up the good spirit! x