The Importance of Drafting

Drafting; Why should I bother?

First of all, let’s take on a definition of drafting. According to wikipedia,

Technical drawing, also known as drafting or draughting, is the act and discipline of composing drawings that visually communicate how something functions or is to be constructed.

Now, let’s take on how drafting can actually assist in the creative process.

The term “cost” refers to the consumption of resources which, beyond money, includes time, patience, energy & health.

  • Drafting means Preview

By projecting our creation and how it will operate before it is built we can focus on the idea rather on technical parts and see how it provides a solution to the targeted problem.

  • Drafting means Revision

By going through the drafted solution again and again we can apply improvements without the actual cost it would take to apply them on the final product.

  • Drafting means Freedom

By releasing ourselves from the responsibility of implementation we are free to explore and experiment without worrying about any costs of actually building, modifying and destroying.

  • Drafting means Abstraction

By abstracting away the how-to of implementation we can focus on the what-is and how-to of solution towards the problem.

  • Drafting means Mobile

By taking a pen (or a pencil) and a (cool covered inspiring) notebook we can practically go draft just about everywhere.

  • Drafting means No Technological Dependencies

By taking a pen (or a pencil) and a (cool covered inspiring) notebook we are good to go. No electricity dependencies, no device dependencies, nothing; just us and our draft. (And yes, eventually you may have to render the final result on some form of digital medium, for creating, storing or simply logging.)

I’m planning on updating this post at regular intervals until it is perfected. Until then, this post shall remain online available even though it is a draft. Do comment nevertheless because feedback is also part of this process.

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