don’t talk about it; Just Do It!

You’ve heard it all before

But maybe not in this way. How many times have you looked back and said: “Hey, if I actually did this instead of thinking, discussing or even arguing about it, wouldn’t I already have done it or some part of it by now!?”. Don’t get me wrong! Thinking is Planning, Discussing is Feedback and Arguing is Syncing. Yet, I am referring to that moment after all those first passes have been completed and you find yourself still being technically meticulous.. talking about it; as if you are seeking some form of validation or approval.. again..

Waste of Energy

In simple terms, that right there, that repetition or loop, is simply waste of energy. All this energy along with the excitement and the force should now be poured into Doing. This will lead to testing the grounds and failing or encountering any issues early, which is better than late after all your resources have been exhausted, gaining that inevitable knowledge and experience and finally even pivoting. This will be far more beneficial. Use your resources wisely.

Stop trying “Convincing Others” happen

As I said, going through again and again the process of thinking, discussing and even arguing about what you are planning to do may become counterproductive instead of motivating. Some things glue instantly and naturally without much effort and with today’s technology and the interneT you can virtually query the world for people and resources who share and / or have faith in the same vision or essence; not just yet another template of work.

Know Thyself

If one has not set a vision or path in his or her life and has not prepared the appropriate foundation to realize that, it’s easy to be diverted by external forces because he or she is missing the fundamentals of remaining or getting back on track whenever a sandstorm strikes. To know yourself means to not let anything or anyone else decide for you who you are but discover and sculpt yourself to fulfill your purpose.. or dare I say.. destiny.


Prove Yourself.. to Yourself

Instead of wasting energy in convincing others, or even yourself, you can simply utilize all that to prove yourself.. to yourself; a fundamental confidence boost as part of knowing yourself. Really. Think about it. We’ve heard one too many times the good old “I could be..” or “You could be..”. In reality what we are hearing or saying is “I am still not..” or “You are still not..”. We could all start thinking “I am..” cause it’s just a matter of time of making it happen.


Oh, you are still here? Still, thinking or arguing about it? Listen..


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